Lumos Pictures is a group of talented individuals, each with their own area of expertise, who come together to create art of different mediums; mostly focusing on film production, but also practicing in photography, music composition, and videography for different occasions.

Micheal Willbanks - IMDb

Co-Founder of Lumos Pictures. Mike has written, directed and edited the majority of the films and projects done by Lumos. Outside of Lumos, Mike has helped produce the Vindication series with Flyrock Media and even co-starred in the feature length film My Son.

Stephanie Willbanks - IMDb

Co-Founder of Lumos Pictures. Stephanie is the Producer for the team, while also running audio and helping with wardrobe, makeup, and set design. She has also worked in the film industry longer than anyone else in Lumos, having been involved with several films since high school. Most recently, Stephanie has been the Assistant Director for the Vindication series with Flyrock Media.

Jessica Crump - IMDb

Jessica has been with Lumos Pictures from the very beginning. Having spent much of her childhood in theater, she started off as the leading actress but quickly became more involved in other areas of the team as well, including audio, script supervisor, props department, and helping with development on several projects. 

Michael Stebbins - IMDb

Michael first joined Lumos Pictures as the composer for all of the films' music, but more recently has taken over the sound department, whether that be recording audio on set or engineering the sound in post-production. He is also the resident drone pilot, on top of several other jobs that he's stepped up on.
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